The trip is coming

Today, Monday 21th December, it’s been three months the adventure has started. But also, we are now two months away from the trip.
The groups have started their work and research, and are now preparing for the work on field. The adventure they are going to live is amazing. For a whole week, the Babelians will live in Algerian families, and they will therefore be able to discover the Algerian culture from the inside. Living with the locals is a huge advantage. The students will share their knowledge and their culture with the families, they will be able (maybe) to talk in Arabic, or more precisely, in Algerian dialect, they will probably get to know more about Algiers thanks to them – in a few words : they will live as Algerians would.
The board is still working closely with the projects, and preparing the trip and other activities with attention. Indeed, our program is meticulously organized, and full of good surprises. From dance to music, from music to cinema, from cinema to economics, all Algeria will be explored, for our students and those who follow our adventure to be astonished with new sides of Algeria, aspects that are often unknown or left aside. Indeed, the board aims at breaking the awful number of prejudices people have on this country. When those who do not know the country very well think of the Black Decade, of Bouteflika, those who tend to know it just a little are perfectly aware that Algeria is completely different from those two historical aspects. One of the youngest countries in the world, full of cultural richness (an Opera will be opened in Algiers this year), Algeria is a welcoming country, whose developing economy is probably going to make the country be one of the wealthiest of North Africa, if not the wealthiest. Which is why, we can’t wait to present our future program, which, we hope, will allow us to present a new facet of Algeria.

Babelly yours

Two months

Two months already that the Babel adventure has started. Time is running so fast. Two months already that we gather each week to discuss and organize the trip, the conferences and the Babel events of the year. Two months already that the organizing team was made, and already so much projects envisaged. Two weeks already that the results of the projects were revealed. How happy have we been when confronted to so much enthusiasm and sincerity. The groups really are fantastic this year. Astonishing by their diversity – indeed, sixteen nationalities are represented, gathering both « English Tracks » and « French Tracks », « 1year » and « 2year » – encouraging by the subjects treated – from football to algerian underground cultures, from politics to economics, from sociology to tradition – we cannot wait to see those groups evolve during the year. Although, are they really groups? No, they aren’t. They are teams, bind teams gathered to discuss, to make researches, and to discover a new culture. They are not groups, they are extraordinaries individuals, whom albeit their differences and own unicity, manage to gather and create overwhelming projects. We are delighted to witness this human aspect emphasized by the Babel adventure. We are delighted to witness the making of new friendships. We are delighted to witness such an intellectual and cultural effusion. Because indeed, Babel is not only aiming at opening a dialogue between the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. Babel is an association with human goals, which indeed allows the spreading of mediterranean cultures, but also a cultural sharing between the participants.

We hope you will follow this incredible adventure, so to share their discoveries with the Babelians.