Who are we?

Babel Initiative is a student association, officially recognized by Sciences Po Paris. It is based in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Campus in the little town of Menton. Run by (and for) students of the first and second years, aiming at increasing the understanding of the diverse cultures and countries of the Mediterranean and the MENA region. Babel operates as a platform to support student-initiated research projects, taking on various forms – from interviews, to video reports to the experience of human interaction itself.

Babel in Istanbul

Every year, we select one country of the region where the students can develop and design their own work of analysis and research. Thanks to our sponsors and with the help of Sciences Po Paris we are able to send a selected group of students in a week-long trip in the chosen country of the year. In this decisive and significant stage of their research process, the students can put to practice their ideas and compare them to their theoretical findings. The results of this week are then presented in a final seminar that takes place at the end of the academic semester, where the students of SciencesPo are present, as well as the community of Menton and experts of the region and issues discussed in the seminar.

This year, Babel has started a new adventure, and this year’s country is : Algeria. Follow us to get more information.