Declaration of Principles

Babel is a responsable student association. Thus, being conscient of its objectives, capacities and convictions, Babel Initiative as been able to a general guideline in which are inscribed its projects and actions. This guideline consistes in principles intrinsic to the well functioning of our association.

  1. Babel Initiative is an association of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean campus. Thus it works to the service of students from the campus that constitues the base and objectif of its action.
  2. Cultural exchange is one of our main objectives, this is the reason why we are determined to contribute to it by an effort that might be on a small scale but still show our engagement.
  3. As an essential part of the association, transparency is one of our major characteristics. The ressources, the budget and financing will be available to the public.
  4. The democratization of different stages of the processus of development of the projects is intrinsic to Babel principles which is that students and participants can chose by themselves and democratically the theme they want to treat.
  5. The intellectual honesty is a real motto for our institution as the association cares for the originality and the authenticity of the searches and studies it supports.
  6. The activity of the association is non-political and not lucrative.
  7. Babel initiative is a citizen association which is in line with its city-dweller context, especially with the seminar at the end of the year which aims at offering to Menton, Nice and the region in general, a cultural event.